Mexico City: New Charges For Amelie, Fallon & Carlos

via 325.nostate,

On the morning of May 16th, comrades Amélie and Fallon were notified that they would be taken to the Reclusorio Sur (Mexico City’s Southern Penitentiary) to testify on new charges under federal order.

At around 8am, both were transferred to the court, where they met comrade Carlos.

After waiting almost all morning, they were finally informed that an arrest warrant was executed for the offense of damage to others’ property, in the form of “arson in a building with some person inside.” The three comrades did not make a statement, and once the hearing was over, they were brought back to the prisons where they’re being held since February 2014 (Carlos to the Reclusorio Oriente, Amélie and Fallon to Santa Martha), after having spent 40 days in federal custody through the arraignment procedure.

This means that from now on the comrades are facing two criminal proceedings; one under local jurisdiction for the offenses of attacks to public peace and aggravated damages (attack on a Nissan dealership), for which they have no right to bail, and a federal process for the offense of damage to others’ property (attack on the Secretariat of Communications and Transport).

The comrades are well, and were able to mention that they were not beaten during the transfer.

The next hearing of the local proceeding is set for May 19th, while the federal hearing’s date will be determined this coming Sunday (18/5).

Once again we call for solidarity with comrades Amélie, Fallon and Carlos, who are kidnapped by the Mexican State since January 5th (5e).

The State/Capital is the only terrorist!
Neither guilty nor innocent!
Freedom for all!

Anarchist Black Cross of Mexico, May 16th, 2014

You may write to the anarchist prisoners to the following addresses:

Amélie Trudeau / Fallon Rouiller
Centro Femenil de Reinserción Social Santa Martha Acatitla
Calzada Ermita, Iztapalapa No 4037, Colonia Santa Martha Acatitla
Delegación Iztapalapa, C.P. 09560, Ciudad de México, D.F.

Carlos López Marín
Reclusorio Preventivo Oriente
Calle Reforma #50, Col. San Lorenzo Tezonco
Delegación Iztapalapa, C.P. 09800, Ciudad de México, D.F.

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Santiago, Chile: We Are At War! Incendiary Demo In Solidarity With Mapuche Prisoners On Hunger Strike

via actforfreedomnow:

Anarchist solidarity with Mapuche hunger strikers and with the prisoners of Permanent Insurrection
 In the afternoon of 9th May we went to Campus Juan Gomez Millas to hold a demo in Av. Grecia. We had tyres and paint and molotov bombs with which we faced clashes of almost an hour with the repressive apparatus of society of control. The main reason of our action was to show solidarity with Mapuche prisoners on hunger strike for 33 days, and with the comrades and insurgents accused of putting fire to a bus in the La Victoria neighbourhood.
 For us it is imperative to keep the tension of revolt and permanent insurrection alive; so we think it is necessary to feed the anarchist fire and demonstrate we are here, while rebellion and love for insubordinate and fighting life continue to exist.
 Moreover we want to highlight how our action at the university doesn’t represent a big damage to the material and ideological structure of the State-Capital; therefore we make a call for the multiplication of the forms of attack and for striking beyond an academic site full of drug addicts and retired militants of the future.
 Let’s expand the many forms of revolt in the streets, let’s use our imagination to subvert and, most importantly, let’s be caution when we act.
 As a criticism we point out that many comrades have been recently captured during actions. This is not a defeat, but if we analyse the events we see how a number of recent arrests could have been avoided with better planning and more responsibility. In any case, we send a warm incendiary hug to those who suffered the blows of the enemy. Let’s become stronger and more secure.
 Finally we want to point out that according to our anarchist and antiauthoritarian position we always have in mind prison as a place that imprisons the free and chaotic flow of life. For this reason, while carrying out our action we shouted the names of Hans Niemeyer, Tamara Sol Vergara, Carlos Gutierrez Quiduleo, Juan Aliste Vega, Marcelo Villaroel, Freddy Fuentevilla, Hermes Gonzales and Alfonso Alvial, Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar, currently imprisoned in the filthy hands of power for dedicating their lives to actions of rebellion and dignity. Our warm salute of solidarity goes to them.
 Let’s increase anarchist actions.
 Strength to all prisoners of Permanent insurrection
 Strength to the Mapuche People and their struggle for autonomous life.
 A hug from the distance to Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar
 Sebastian Oversluij Presente!!

 A vehicle put on fire during the demo on 8th March

As a delinquent march reached Almgagro Park on 8th May and the social-democratic game was being played, clashes started and barricades were erected by hoodies against the forces of order. We had prepared to be part of the rupture of dominant order and normality. We had petrol, and we spotted a car temporarily parked outside the police zone. Along with the people who were targeting the vehicle, we decided to put it to fire and increase chaos against civilization and its transport of modern slaves. As the car was in flames, bastard police went on the attack and momentarily dispersed the hoodies. The cops advanced with truncheons and were opposed by various objects; then we chose the right moment to throw one and then two incendiary bombs at those who defended order, striking a number of servants and causing severe burns to a captain.
No step back against the enemies or what is being imposed; we don’t want to subvert the order but to destroy it and the foundations of civilization. We attack the concept of citizen they tried to stick to us and we don’t want any future within their filthy walls. We declare ourselves enemies of the police, tycoons, submission, cities and any civilized person who supports and/or defends this asphyxiating imposed reality.





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Sydney, Australia: 3 Luxury Cars Torched By FAI/IRF


In the early hours of Sunday, May 18 we went for a walk through the streets of the predominantly rich Sydney neighborhood of Woolahra looking for suitable targets for us to express our rage upon.

It didn’t take long for us to find what we were looking for!

We set fire to 3 luxury cars – a BMW and a Nissan X-Trail on Queen St and a Lexus on Moncur St.

We left the scene quickly as the flames of rebellion lit up the early morning sky.

We dedicate this action to our comrades from the Fire Wolves Cell & also the
Felicity Ann Ryder Cell in Melbourne, to all FAI / IRF fighters everywhere & to all imprisoned anarchist & insurrectionist fighters fighting for dignity behind the walls of injustice everywhere!

For The Total Destruction Of All Existence!

Anarcho Wildlings Cell / Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI) / International Revolutionary Front (IRF)

Corporate press

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Melbourne, Australia: Historic Colonial Buildings Torched


This is to claim responsibility for the complete destruction by fire of three colonial structures at the so-called Royal Botanical Gardens in South Yarra, Melbourne in the small hours of May 16.

We put these filthy monuments of colonial oppression to the torch in the name of indigenous & anti-colonial resistance both here in Australia & in all other parts of the world & to spit in the faces of all those who seek to tame what is wild into sterile botanical prisons.

We also send greetings of fire & smoke to imprisoned resistance fighters everywhere!

Fire Wolves Cell / International Revolutionary Front

Scum Press :


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Rebecca Rubin Has Been Transferred


Rebecca Rubin has been transferred again. Please send Rebecca Rubin a letter or note of encouragement, being transferred can be quite jarring and it’s good for her to hear that people are keeping up with her. Rebecca was recently sentenced 5 years for her participation in multiple Earth Liberation Front actions that occurred between 1996 and 2001.

Her new address:

Rebecca Rubin #98290-011
FCI Dublin
5701 8th Street – Camp Parks
Dublin, CA  94568
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Signs Of Life In Australia: A Chronology Of Recent Anarchist & Anti-Colonial Activity Down Under


*Note : this is an edited version of a post that appeared on an Australian underground electronic music blog, we thought it was of interest to the wider anarchist-insurrectionist community worldwide.

Things are heating up in this country with one of the most unpopular governments in Australian history now in charge – although they came to power with a landslide victory so go figure! ‘Austerity’ is the name of the game for Australia’s current batch of ultra-conservative crypto-corporate overlords which means increases in the cost of living & cuts to every social service you can think of along with the customary scapegoating of immigrants, the indigenous & other vulnerable members of society – unless you are rich and connected then you and your hard earned finances are in the firing line, and let’s not forget the absolute rape of Australia’s resources & natural environment that has gone into overdrive since these bastards took power and the arse-kissing of corporate & foreign powers as they continue to loot the continent. Mainstream opposition has been predictably restrained and muted to the point of collaboration – but less predictable has been the incredible upsurge of anger at the current situation that has erupted all across the country but particularly in the east coast states. What is interesting is that now we are beginning to see something that has not been commonplace in Australia before – small and medium scale organized guerilla attacks on government, corporate & police targets. There have even been several actions taken overseas in solidarity with Australian anti-system rebels, these actions have been included in our report too.

This report was compiled via information posted on various mainstream & non-mainstream news websites around the world, source links accompany each action, ENJOY!


Sydney, Jan 26, 2013 : A statue to commemorate the First Fleet in Brighton Le Sands, Botany Bay is paint-bombed. Statue of Captain Cook in Hyde Park also paint-bombed.

Stencils reading ‘FUCK AUSSIE PRIDE’, ‘DESTROY COLONIAL AUSTRALIA’ & ‘PROUDLY UNAUSTRALIAN’ are sprayed all over Redfern, Marickville, Sydenham & at 2 parks where ‘Australia Day’ activities were due to take place. Office of the fascist Australia First Party paint-bombed in Tempe. 9 banners displaying anti-colonial & indigenous solidarity messages dropped from various locations in inner-city Sydney.

Source :

Melbourne, Jan 26, 2013
: Captain Cook’s Cottage paint-bombed in solidarity with indigenous Australians & as a symbolic attack on ‘Australia Day’, a public holiday that commemorates the arrival of British colonizers in Australia.

Source :

Melbourne, Feb 6, 2013 : Anarchists gather outside the Egyptian Consulate in a spontaneous solidarity action for anarchist fighters in Egypt facing persecution for their role in the January uprisings against the government of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Hobart, April 08, 2013
: Police HQ is spray-painted with anti-police slogans in solidarity with Australian anarchist fugitive Felicity Ann Ryder and her fellow combatant Mario Lopez.

Perth, April 22, 2013
: Activists deface huge Liberal Party (main conservative party) election billboard only hours after it was unveiled by Liberal leader Tony Abbott.

Source :

NSW, May 26, 2013
: The massive Fuck The Police zine is released by anarchists in Sydney to counter the propaganda of the NSW police force who were celebrating 150 dubious years of existence. The zine is focused on recent reports of anarchist & anti-authoritarian actions in the state of NSW. The zine is still available in .pdf format here ( & here. (

Denmark, June 12, 2013
: In Copenhagen, Unicorn Strike Brigade spray the Australian embassy with slogans in solidarity with the striking students at Sydney University.

Source :

Melbourne, September 02, 2013
: A group calling itself the Felicity Ann Ryder Cell of the Informal Anarchist Federation / International Revolutionary Front claim responsibility for a spectacular large scale arson of a luxury car show room in central Melbourne.

“The era of useless social anarchism is over, let the fire & smoke usher in the new era of insurgency!”

The claim is posted on several anarchist websites and is picked up quickly by the mainstream media who then go into damage limitation mode refusing to reveal the details of the responsibility claim & the police soon claim that the fire was not deliberately lit but are very vague when pressed for details as to the cause of the blaze. The Felicity Ann Ryder Cell respond with a scathing second communique mocking both the police & the mainstream media & once again claiming responsibility for the attack [but without claiming any further attacks]. [Shortly afterwards, Felicity Ann Ryder Cell received feedback-critique from the Indonesia ICR-FAI/IRF network in part of their open letter of self-analysis. ICR-FAI/IRF wrote that they believed responding to the enemy unnecessary and comprised dialogue and empty words directed at the enemy.]

“Do the cops & the fascist press in this country not understand that we are capable of striking again at any moment or at any time of our choosing?”

Source :
Source :

Melbourne, September 04, 2013 : Anarchists trash the offices of Federal politicians Simon Crean, Anna Burke and Andrew Robb for their complicity in the mistreatment & persecution of asylum seekers & in solidarity with rioters in immigration detention centers.

“It doesn’t matter who we are. What matters is that we resist. That we show resistance is possible. It’s the right – the only – way to act in such terrible times. In doing so we hope to inspire others to break the spell of passivity, together we can turn the world upside down.”

Darwin, November 10, 2013
: Anarchists hold a spontaneous anti-election party culminating in a large fire fueled by election propaganda and political party banners. Two banners reading ‘FUCK THE VOTE’ & ‘FREEDOM NOW’ are left hanging nearby to greet the authorities who put out the fire.

“Much respect to all fire starters in Australia, we march forward with much inspiration. To all comrades imprisoned and on the run, eternal solidarity.”


Melbourne, January 24, 2014 : The historic Captain Cook’s cottage (named after the British colonizer who ‘discovered’ Australia) is trashed by unknown activists for the 2nd year in a row with anti-Australia Day / anti-colonialism & indigenous solidarity messages causing much outrage in mainstream media.

Sydney, January 28, 2014 : Unknown anarchists vandalize the Ryde electoral office of minister for Aboriginal Affairs & Citizenship, Victor Dominello…

“We seek to fan the flames of discontent behind the barricades of rebellion; we seek affinity with all who struggle against colonial law & order. Against citizenship & state sovereignty. Neither republic or monarchy. Fuck Australia.”

Sydney, 22nd February, 2014 : Corporate HQ of VINCI & their subsidiary company Advitam attacked in Seven Hills industrial zone, western Sydney. Windows are smashed and slogans painted in solidarity with activists in France fighting against the construction of an airport that VINCI are contracted to build.

“Resistance & Sabotage!”

Source :

Brisbane, February 24, 2014 : 3 molotov cocktails thrown at Logan police HQ following the police tasering of a local indigenous woman who was left blind in one eye. Minor damage caused to police vehicle parked outside.

Melbourne, March 09, 2014 : Corporate HQ of G4S attacked. G4S is the contractor responsible for ‘security’ at the Manus Island immigration detention center where an Iranian asylum seeker had recently been killed by guards during a protest by detainees. Windows are smashed and ‘G4S Murderers’ sprayed on walls.

“We encourage everyone to take action : fight back! riot! destroy!”

Melbourne, March 28, 2014
: Coordinated attacks on corporate HQ of Transfield in Melbourne central & a South Melbourne branch of Toll for their roles in the prison industrial complex & specifically the immigration detention center on Nauru. Windows smashed, slogans painted.

“Solidarity to all people in detention centers & prisons everywhere!”

Source :

Sydney, April 3rd, 2014 : Dozens of ANZ bank billboards & branch facades vandalized & ATMs super-glued shut for ANZ’s role in the coal industry & for it’s cynical corporate sponsorship of Sydney’s Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Source :

Melbourne, April 12, 2014 : One police divisional van set on fire & another police vehicle vandalized in the northern suburb of Reservoir. No suspects apprehended.

Source :

*This is by no means a comprehensive account of ALL actions that have taken place around Australia recently, for various reasons (mostly space & time!) there are a few actions that have been left out & of course there are probably other actions that we never heard about or that went unreported in both the mainstream & underground media.


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Athens, Greece: Incendiary Attack On G4S Security Company Vehicle

via actforfreedomnow:

“And just a little bit below the number of your repression, they had opened a penetrating hole, the same size as a submachine gun, from where the enemy overtly stripped you down day and night in the most ruthless way, and killed whatever you held secret and kept inside you. From there, they fired their murderous bursts incessantly upon you, and raked your body in its most sacred and inviolable moments. It’s the hole through which your enemy vomited out their worst kind of hatred with the worst rabies. It’s the relentless, most tyrannical controller and the worst killer of your private, hidden self. (…)
It’s the spy hole, which tore apart the most unsuspected, the most own or private time of yours; as soon as you saw the glossy, cold eye of the hangman-checker peering through and permeating your inner being. (…)


Oh resentful eye, how I wish to seal you once and for all! To permanently end the sinister stripping and rapine of the soul in the hands of executioners. Oh snitch of my most intimate gestures, how I hate you, and how I yearn for your death! Your destruction! Your doom!”
In the early morning hours of Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 we torched a technical services car of the G4S security company (formerly Group 4 Securicor) at the junction of Karaiskaki and Smyrnis streets in the Rentis-Nikaia region.
This company is one of the largest operators of the private parapolice institution worldwide. It operates and manages private prisons in England and America while being responsible for at the “wall of shame” in Palestine. In Greece, it has the largest fleet of armored cash-in-transit vehicles, to safely transport the wealth of banks and other businesses, it has equipped most of the country’s prisons with the latest electronic security systems, and will assume the management and operation of concentration camps for migrants.
Our action is part of the promotion of activities against the Greek government’s intention to pass the new bill for special conditions of detention and maximum security facilities in the Domokos prison.
Solidarity with imprisoned and prosecuted fighters.
Struggle until freedom, against the modern totalitarianism, by any means necessary.
“Woe to those who will accept prison as a life condition”
[The quotations come from a narrative of the 1990 Alikarnassos prison rebellion (on Crete), by ex prisoner Yannis Petropoulos.]
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Lancaster, UK: Construction Vehicles Targeted at M6 Link

from the mainstream news, via

Construction vehicles are being targeted at M6 link road sites causing thousands of pounds of damage.

In what appears to be an orchestrated campaign, hydraulic hoses were cut on excavators and dumper trucks.

Other incidents include:

*Sand being put into tanks to contaminate the fuel

*Tyres being let down

*Damage to a temporary jetty in the River Lune

Thousands of pounds worth of damage was caused at a site at Crossgills Farm, Lancaster.

Police said: “Eight vehicles, including excavators and dumper trucks, were damaged to the tune of thousands of pounds at the weekend.

“Tyres have also been let down and sand put into fuel tanks.

“We are keeping an open mind as to who is responsible, however the vandals have made a concerted effort to cause criminal damage by using bolt croppers to cut the rubber hoses.”

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Seattle, WA: Condo Excavator Sabotaged

from the communique posted on May 16th,

“About a little over week ago we snuck into a condo development in Seattle and
poured a gallon of bleach into the gas tank of an excavator. This was a small
but easily reproducible attack against the expansion of gentrification in

– Some Anarchists”

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Former ELF Member Pleads Guilty to Arsons; Snitches on Friends for Reduced Sentence

from anarchist news

Tomorrow, May 5, 2014, Liam Mulholland will be sentenced for his involvement in a 2003 ELF arson.

Mulholland pleaded guilty to setting fire to a house at Mystic Forest housing development in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on March 21, 2003. Spray painted on the garage of a neighboring house were the words “ELF – No Sprawl.”

In Michigan, the mandatory minimum for this kind of property destruction is five years in prison. However, the government has requested a reduced sentence because of Mulholland’s “cooperation” with the federal government.

From his plea agreement and the Government’s Sentencing Memorandum, it seems Mulholland handed the feds a lot of information. He claimed involvement in several more ELF and ALF actions, including arsons that destroyed two homes at another housing development in Michigan in June of 2003; using incendiary devices to destroy chicken delivery trucks in Bloomington, Indiana in May of 2002; an arson at a housing development in Bloomington, Indiana in June of 2002; and a failed attempt to set fire to a pumping station in Stanwood, Michigan, in September of 2003.

Mulholland also provided feds with the names of the other activists with whom he carried out these actions—as well as where and how they traveled, where and when they planned and discussed their actions, what they purchased for the actions, how they disposed of the purchased items, and how they carried out each action.

The government is requesting a sentence of 18 months for Mulholland—a reduction of 42 months from the state’s mandatory minimum—because his cooperation will aid the government in cracking down on the other ELF and ALF suspects: “The government has determined that the defendant’s cooperation to date amounts to substantial assistance in the investigation or prosecution of others.”

The agreement also asserts that, because of his cooperation, all his charges related to the other admitted ELF and ALF arsons will be dismissed.

And it seems that Mulholland isn’t the only one snitching. The Sentencing Memorandum states that, though Mulholland often asserted that he was simply “along for the ride” during these actions, the feds have received contradictory information: “According to witnesses, it was the defendant who had the expertise to construct incendiary devices and did so for both the arson of the delivery trucks at Sim’s Poultry, as well as the attempted arson of the Ice Mountain pumping station.”

For more information on snitches and informants, be sure to check out our online Informant Tracker.


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