Call-Out For Submissions for Issue #2, Fall 2014

Welcome to the world, little one.

The first issue of Black Seed has been finding its way around anarchist circles since its birth this spring. The copies, intentionally passed between hands and not read through screens, has inspired disagreements, praise, scoffs, and most importantly: dialogue.

Our expectations as editors were varied, but the response to our first issue convinced those most skeptical that the anti-civilization conversation is far from over; indeed it’s not even the same conversation that was occurring when Green Anarchy ceased publication in 2009. There is yet so much to be said. We’d love to hear new and different voices from the choir sing. So if something in the last issue stirred you, or even if you were disappointed that nothing did stir you, don’t wait for someone else to write the articles you want to see. Indeed, be the change you wish to see!

One topic that has been sparked with some controversy in Black Seed has been the idea of hope; abandonment or pursuance? As always, we’re not looking for one answer to that question, nor to gather all on the same side, but rather dive into disagreements, conversation, and incitement. May Black Seed be that sea!

The deadline for Issue II submissions is September 1st.

You can email us at:

blackseed (at) anarchyplanet (dot) org

Or send mail to:

Black Seed

PO Box 68271

Grand Rapids, MI 49516

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