Submission Deadline for Black Seed #2 Given A Grace Period

The originally intended deadline for submissions for Issue #2 of Black Seed is a couple o f days away, and while we’ve got quite an amount of material to work with, we also know of a handful of potential contributors who’ve yet to get some writing to us.

Next week we’re going to start piecing together artwork and submissions for our second release, but we wanted to give a little bit of a grace period to those who might still be working on their submissions. This summer seemed to have been an incredible incubator for Black Seed. Something indeed has sprung, and with autumn fast-approaching we will see how these things may harden up for the winter.

That being said, the official deadline for submissions has been pushed back to September 15th. The sooner we receive your submission however, the better chance there is that we’ll be able to fit it into this issue.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Black Seed Editors

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