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Black Seed 6 Call for papers

The sixth issue of Black Seed Journal will continue an effort to challenge and expand the meanings of both Green and Anarchy. As editors and contributors, we not only wish to reject notions of the state and capitalism, but seek perspectives that are earth-focused, unexpected or inhuman. One of the concepts we would question is […]

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Black Seed #5

Perhaps you thought we were gone? Two years feels like an eternity in these fast-too-fast times when epic conflicts have a full arc over a weekend, 140 characters creates volumes of commentary and opinion, a day seems like forever when you are refreshing a screen over and over. This project is the opposite of this […]

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Announcing Black Seed Issue #4

In This Issue: The End of the World? Activism and the Green Left An Introduction to the Anthropecene Interviews with Dominique & Knowing the Land is Resistance The Aftermath of the Katrina Disaster Anarcho-Primitivism and Green Platonism Nihilist Animism Reviews & More… Editorial: Is the End of the World Upon us? There are plenty of […]

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Announcing Black Seed Issue #3

In the midst of a cacophony of headlines and empty chatter, we present Black Seed Issue #3. We are a printed green anarchist publication, aiming to step outside of internet-based dialogue and facilitate more thoughtful conversations. We want to add our voices to the choir that has been singing against the mega-machine since time immemorial. […]

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Callout for Submissions for Black Seed Issue #3

Black Seed is a bi-annual green anarchist, submission-based publication. We are a conversational project meaning that our goal is to help facilitate face-to-face conversations based on submissions we have received and curated into a printed publication. Taking steps away from Internet culture feels integral to this project, though sadly, as you are likely reading this […]

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Content From Black Seed Issue #1 Now Available Online

The main articles from Black Seed Issue #1 are now available to read online at Uncivilizing Permaculture by Tanday Lupalupa Naming All Of The Names by Cedar Leighlais Two Steps Back: The Return Of Nonviolence In Ecological Resistance by Oxalis Animal Dreams by John Zerzan What Is Green Anarchy? Interview with Klee Benally by […]

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Announcing: Black Seed Issue #2

Black Seed Issue #2 has arrived from the printers and is available for bulk mail-order through Little Black Cart and soon to be available throughout the U.S. at various bookstores and social-spaces. We are excited to present you with another publication of green anarchy, a continuance of some of the conversations started in the first […]

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Submission Deadline for Black Seed #2 Given A Grace Period

The originally intended deadline for submissions for Issue #2 of Black Seed is a couple o f days away, and while we’ve got quite an amount of material to work with, we also know of a handful of potential contributors who’ve yet to get some writing to us. Next week we’re going to start piecing […]

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Call-Out For Submissions for Issue #2, Fall 2014

Welcome to the world, little one. The first issue of Black Seed has been finding its way around anarchist circles since its birth this spring. The copies, intentionally passed between hands and not read through screens, has inspired disagreements, praise, scoffs, and most importantly: dialogue. Our expectations as editors were varied, but the response to […]

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VICE Interviews John Zerzan

source “Whenever I think of [inventor of the computer] Alan Turing I think about the Apple logo,” began John Zerzan. “The logo is an apple with a bite out of it. Of course, Turing supposedly smeared cyanide on an apple and bit into it after being persecuted by the government for being gay. A bite […]

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