Callout for Submissions for Black Seed Issue #3

Black Seed is a bi-annual green anarchist, submission-based publication. We are a conversational project meaning that our goal is to help facilitate face-to-face conversations based on submissions we have received and curated into a printed publication. Taking steps away from Internet culture feels integral to this project, though sadly, as you are likely reading this on a screen, we know too well it is a process for many of us to learn and re-learn. Exciting as printed words may be, we admit these ideas and experiences are largely born out of coping with the symptoms of civilization. So we ask you to share how you cope and critique, how you have tried to run away, how you have battled the demons of domestication, and how your heart pines for something new.

Over the past year, we have explored continuing themes of spirituality, roles (if any) of anthropology in green anarchist thought, anarchist indigeneity, eco-defense in the US, to name a few. The main articles from Black Seed Issue #1 can be found here:….

We’ve heard various murmurs of the paper, and wish to see more engagement with the ideas and stories. Consider this an invitation to the discussion. We are both looking for a continuance of conversations underway and excited to welcome new topics.

Deadline for Issue #3 is February 1st.
Send all articles, stories, etc. to blackseed (at) anarchyplanet (dot) org -OR-

Black Seed, PO Box 68271, Grand Rapids, MI, 49516.

If you have not seen the previous issue, you can order it at

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