Announcing Black Seed Issue #3

blackseed3In the midst of a cacophony of headlines and empty chatter, we present Black Seed Issue #3. We are a printed green anarchist publication, aiming to step outside of internet-based dialogue and facilitate more thoughtful conversations. We want to add our voices to the choir that has been singing against the mega-machine since time immemorial. Some highlights of this issue include:

  •  A new piece by Sever (who wrote Land and Freedom for Issue #1), continuing the discussion on spirituality in a personal and nuanced way
  • A critical response to Issue #2’s “The Undying Appeal of White Nationalism”
  • An interview with Corrina Gould, a Chochenyo and Karkin Ohlone woman from Oakland, talking about the history of indigenous people in the Bay Area and several recent actions she has been a part of.
  • Two reflections from folks involved in the ZAD in France
  • A Review of M. Kat Anderson’s Tending the Wild

You can order bulk copies of Black Seed online from LBC. Please write to us at the addresses listed below for any further inquiries regarding subscriptions.

We are always accepting written submissions for publishing. Our next deadline for Black Seed Issue #4 is July 1st. You can email us at blackseed (at) anarchyplanet (dot) org or send mail to:

Black Seed
PO Box 68271
Grand Rapids, MI 49516

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