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  • More of Black Seed online

    Most of the content from issues #1-3 and 5-7 of Black Seed are now available to read online or print out from Black Seed issue 1 Black Seed issue 2 Black Seed issue 3 Black Seed issue 5 Black Seed issue 6 Black Seed issue 7 That’s just over 1000 pages of content in […]

  • Black Seed #8

    The eighth issue of Black Seed (a journal of indigenous anarchy) is now available. Find it at Little Black Cart. The Black Seed that was almost finished before the death of the main editor and the onslaught of covid19, this issue, perhaps the last, of this journal, now covers even more territory in its 36 pages. Two obituaries […]

  • Black Seed #5

    Perhaps you thought we were gone? Two years feels like an eternity in these fast-too-fast times when epic conflicts have a full arc over a weekend, 140 characters creates volumes of commentary and opinion, a day seems like forever when you are refreshing a screen over and over. This project is the opposite of this […]