Lancaster, UK: Construction Vehicles Targeted at M6 Link

from the mainstream news, via

Construction vehicles are being targeted at M6 link road sites causing thousands of pounds of damage.

In what appears to be an orchestrated campaign, hydraulic hoses were cut on excavators and dumper trucks.

Other incidents include:

*Sand being put into tanks to contaminate the fuel

*Tyres being let down

*Damage to a temporary jetty in the River Lune

Thousands of pounds worth of damage was caused at a site at Crossgills Farm, Lancaster.

Police said: “Eight vehicles, including excavators and dumper trucks, were damaged to the tune of thousands of pounds at the weekend.

“Tyres have also been let down and sand put into fuel tanks.

“We are keeping an open mind as to who is responsible, however the vandals have made a concerted effort to cause criminal damage by using bolt croppers to cut the rubber hoses.”

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